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CorsoCare Pharmacy

The pharmacy built for YOU. CorsoCare Pharmacy is the easiest way to manage your medications.

How CorsoCare Pharmacy Works

All we need from you is some basic information. We’ll set up your service and ensure your prescriptions are transferred seamlessly.


Send CorsoCare Your Information

We will need your list of medications, doctor information, insurance information, a payment method and the name of your current pharmacy.


We’ll Coordinate With Your Providers

Our team will coordinate with your doctors and insurance to gather your prescriptions.


Your Prescriptions Are On Their Way

We schedule your delivery, order your refills, sort and package your medication by the time of day you need to take it, and send it directly to you.

Spend Less with CorsoCare Pharmacy

CorsoCare Pharmacy allows our residents to spend less on their medications.

Less Money

You will always receive competitive prices, low-cost generic options and free delivery for your prescriptions.

Less Time

Same-day delivery means no more waiting in line at the pharmacy or driving to pick-up prescriptions.

Less Hassle

We make your day easier with presorted and packaged medications, organized by the day and time that you take them.

A Team of Experts Here to Guide You

Our clinical pharmacists are here to guide you with the education and tools you need to feel confident in managing your health.

More Education

We provide free Medicare savings analysis, pharmacist consultations, health coaching and medication education

Everything In One Simple, Secure Place

Our unique software organizes all medication, billing and prescription details and provides complete medication summaries for you and your doctors

Automatic Refills & Reminders

Our team monitors and manages your refills, so you always have what you need

Concierge Level Support

We work directly with your doctors and insurance to save you time and hassle

Enroll Today!

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Ask A Pharmacist

We are here to guide you. To ask a question please call us at 833-256-2376. For general inquires please fill out the form below or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an additional cost for delivery of medication or the special packaging of medication?
No, we offer free delivery and there is no additional cost for medication received in our presorted adherence packaging.

Will I need new prescriptions from my physicians?
No. Once CorsoCare Pharmacy has your basic information our expert team will set up your service and ensure your prescriptions are transferred. If a new prescription is needed the pharmacist will reach out to your physician directly.

Does CorsoCare Pharmacy bill my insurance company?
Yes, we bill a number of insurance companies, including all the Medicare Part D prescription plans in Michigan and all major insurance companies. Our Medicare Experts specialize in benefits and will work to maximize your benefits and handle all billing and claims accordingly.

How is my billing handled at the community?

  • Your payment information and insurance are on file.
  • Each order we receive our team will process through your insurance.
  • Co-pays and items not covered by insurance are charged to your account.
  • Each month you will be provided with a summary statement or any balance owed.

What if my medication is not covered by my insurance?
If your medication is not covered by your insurance, we will work with your physician to select a medication that is covered. In the instance that a medication is not covered, we will work to find the best cost option available then charge it to your personal account.

How do I enroll in CorsoCare Pharmacy Services?
Click here to download the required forms. Please email completed forms to